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Research Activities

In-house Projects

I. “Collection and Interpretation of Database on Coir Sector of Kerala”


Create database on the raw material availability and Technology refinement so far made in the coir industry and also its impacts on labour intensiveness of the industry. Study includes the development of defibering and decorticating machines, their performance, the problems they face in the state, how they can be eliminated and the technology refinement needed for the existing machines to make it more viable. Analyse the properties of coir pith obtained from various parts of Kerala and its availability at each districts. To collect the information about the industry, detailed personnel interviews were conducted with medium and small-scale manufacturers, workers at each district.


II. “Innovative Product Development in coir based on market research”


The main objectives of the project are
Conduct market research on natural products and possible areas where synthetic products could be replaced by coir.
Introduce blended yarns in finer runnages using existing technology. (finer than the yarn available in the market today) in coir spinning to at least 20 coir spinners initially.
Design and development of one or two innovative marketable products in coir based on market research.

List of Products Developed in the Project


1. Ladies Fancy Bag
2. Table Mat (Coir with cotton)
3. Bedside Rug (Coir – wool with cotton)
4. Bedside Rug/Door rug (Coir – wool – jute with cotton)
5. Hand Bag
6. Coir Fibre filling in cushions
7. Blended single yarn (50:50 Jute/Coir)
8. Chappel
9. Door Mat
10. Printed Mat (Big)
11. Printed Mat (small)
12. Stitched quilt (cotton with coir fibre)
13. Table Mat (Coir with cotton)
14. Multipurpose kit (Coir – Sisal, hand knitted)

Sponsored Projects


“Creation of a Database on Physico-Chemical and Structural Characteristics of Coir Fibre” by CIRCOT, Mumbai.


Objective is the determination of Physical and Mechanical properties of Coir fibre and then creating a database on few popular varieties. This data can be used as guide to technology utilization of coconut fibres for manufacturing of value added products from coir and coir composites.


“Development of appropriate technology of spinning jute-coconut fibre blended yarn and production of diversified jute-coconut fibre in rural sector” by NIRJAFT, Calcutta.


One of the main objective is to develop and standardize practicable spinning technology of jute-coir blends and to identify suitable machinery for processing and spinning of jute-coir blended yarns suitable for both decentralized and corporate sectors. Expected out come includes to positioning of Coir in the commercial & industrial textile field comparable with jute and cotton. And also to reduce the strain exerted by the weavers through introduction of jute-coir blended yarn in coir weaving industry.


Production of Reinforcing Fillers from Coir pith and its utilization for the manufacturing of value added rubber products by Common Facility Service Centre, Changanacherry


Object of the project is the utilization of coir pith as reinforcing fillers for the production of new value added eco-friendly natural rubber products after modifying it with suitable surface treatments. Eventually leads to the Development of substitute filler material using coir pith, which is being considered as a waste. Facilitate manufacturing of value added product like doormats, lightweight footwear’s etc. The project is successfully completed and applied for Patent.

Products developed


1. Coir pith Reinforced Chappels
2. Coir pith Reinforced Door Mat


Pilot Project on Production of Ayurvedic Coir using Coconut fibre dyed with Ayurvedic Herbal Dyes through Eco-friendly process.


The main object is to provide an eco-friendly and ayurvedic ramification and effectiveness to coir and coir products and thereby paving a path for the new marketing possibility for the coir and coir products in the national and international markets, so as to exploit the opportunities created by the globalization and post-WTO economic scenario and explore the medicinal applications.

The Ayurvedic impact of medicine/medicinal plant through the medium of coir spiced with ayurvedic medicines. A new system of treatment called Medicinally Effective Environment Creation Technique (MEEC) is developed to accelerate the recovery rate of generic diseases like asthma, hyper tension, skin diseases.

Patient under treatment in Ayurvedic coir clinical room


Development of process for the extraction of fibre from Tender Coconut Husks by RRL, Trivandrum


Tender coconut husk after the soft drink and refresher purposes can be collected and subjected to close retting in tanks. It is highly advantageous for coir industry which is in great crisis because of unavailability of coconut husk for extraction of fibre.


“Standardization of Engineering Properties and Providing Technical Data for the Techno-Marketing of Coir Geotextiles”-NIT, Calicut


In order to develop simplified standardization techniques depending on the type of yarn used, runnage of the yarn, type of weaving pattern, whether conventionally spun or mechanically spun yarn etc., a detailed research has to be carried out.The Project includes the determination of the tensile behaviour of

Different types of yarns that exist in the industry.
The existing mesh mattings with different combinations of yarns.
The existing floor coverings.

In-soil tensile strength behavior of the mesh mattings and floor coverings has to be evaluated for use of these materials as a separation and reinforcement material in soil structures. The possibility of improving stiffness has to be explored. Durability with respect to repeated loadings has to be analysed.

Once the project is successfully completed, the guidelines can be given to manufacturers/exporters. The manufacturers/exporters can develop the values of technical parameters depending on the type of yarn used, runnage of yarn as well as the type of weaving adopted and will be able to provide the type of coir geotextile as per the client’s requirement

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