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“Comprehensive Reference book on Coir Geotextiles”

The Book was published in May 2002 as part of Kerala Government Coir Geotextile Development Programme. Prof. (Dr.) T.S.Ramanatha Ayyar and Sri N.Balakrishnana Nair (former Director, NCRMI) are editors. This book is considered as a magnum opus, widely acclaimed by Industry and Academicians.


It describes various aspects of coir-based geotextiles for use in engineering construction. There is a strong tendency all over the world to “go back to nature”. A grave concern for environment is now manifest. Only eco-friendly and sustainable technologies will be acceptable in future. Natural coir-based geotextiles have a great potential in replacing artificial geosynthetics in due course. This holds out promise for the coir industry in the state of Kerala. But it has to be backed by modernization, quality control, research and field application and feed back.

National Coir Research & Management Institute (NCRMI)
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