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High-Tech Coir Park, Kollam

High-Tech Coir Park at kollam established as ancillary unit of NCRMI in 2001. Right from the inception it is actively involved in skill development of the workers especially women folk through various training schemes and programmes. The activities of the park are being managed by the Governing Gody of NCRMI. The park is located at Perumon in Kollam District. The district has got many favourable factors such as skilled workers, raw materials, proximity to technical institution etc.

High Tech Coir Park, Kollam

Training on spinning of coir Yarn

NCRMI has been carrying out elaborate training programme across the entire state of Kerala on spinning of various types of coir to improve the dexterity and adaptability of those workers engaged in this field to enable them to manufacture those commodities that are in demand. The training has evolved wide spread enthusiasm among the target group.

The first phase of the training programme on spinning is imparted by using Traditional Ratts fitted with 0.25 HP Motors. It is conducted at major coir spinning areas, to women workers in the co-operative/private sector who are not familiar with spinning of different varieties of yarn, the first phase completed in which 32 batches covering 731 women workers were trained through out the state

The second phase is intended to extend the training for total 625 women workers. The segment is already commenced and still continuing in various districts. NCRMI is earning good reputation among the members of coir workers owing to its successful conduct of training as envisaged in the basic programme of training to workers on coir spinning. The system and concept adopted by NCRMI in tendering knowledge and practice in coir spinning, had invited much attraction and deep interest in a large number of persons working in coir field.

Training on spinning of coir Yarn

Training on the production of Coir Geotextiles

As majority of women coir workers are below poverty line and most of them depends on coir industry for their livelihood, it is decided to give them training to create value addition to their product, the coir yarn. In the export market scenario of coir products, coir geotextiles is one of the items being exported. Coir geotextiles are also used as an engineering material. Its production process is very simple. Anugraha loom installed at the Park is so light and simple that it can be used for the production of coir geotextiles with very less drudgery compared to the traditional handlooms used in the coir industry. Women coir workers are trained to work in such looms resulting value addition to the coir yarn. This training will help them to earn more compared to their present day income.

Training on production of Coir Geotextiles

National Coir Research & Management Institute (NCRMI)
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