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Geotextile Projects

NCRMI through the State Level R&D Advisory Committee conceives and monitors the development and implementation of geotextile project under the scheme of Geotextiles Development Programme of Govt. of Kerala. The project is implemented in association with KSCC, COIR FED and FOMIL who are the funding agencies

The following projects were technically cleared and are being implemented


a. Acoustical Design of Sreemoolanagaram Panchayat Auditorium using Coir Geotextiles
b. Modernization of coir for the manufacture of Geotextiles for Engg. Use.
c. Road construction using coir geotextiles in KSCC premises.
d. Studies on Application of Coir Geotextiles in Road Pavement.
e. Use of coir fabrics for recharge of ground water.
a. Backwater shore protection in Arattupuzha
b. Construction of farm road over soft soil at Thuravoor
c. Cheriyanad Drainage project, Perumpadom
d. Farm road construction in wet land condition, Thuravoor
e. Forest road construction in high land condition

Developmental Projects

Brand Building of Kerala Coir

The Programme is primarily focused to create brand image and popularize various Coir products being manufactured by Kerala State Coir Corporation (KSCC), Foam Mattings (India) Ltd (FOMIL) and Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketting Federation Ltd. (COIRFED) and CM&MCS and also by the unorganized and private sector. A critical step required is demand creation by branding exquisite products that can be used as substitutes of competing products, supply to coir exporters and distributors.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control has become the order of the day in any industry especially, export oriented industry. NCRMI is entrusted with the responsibility of Brand Creation for Kerala Coir. The Brand Certification Scheme of NCRMI aims at providing Third Party Guarantee of standardization, quality, and dependability of coir products to the targetted beneficiaries. The Brand Certification Scheme of NCRMI is absolutely voluntary in nature, and is largely based on ISO specification. The Brand Certificatiob Scheme of NCMRI is open to all coir product manufactures in Kerala. Click here to Download application forms and Renewal form.

a. Application Form - Exporters

b. Application Form - Domestic

c. Renewal Form

As Part of this brand certification programme NCRMI will certify and provide product tag highlighting the brand logo to each of the item inspected and certified.


The objectives are to


Create an identity for coir products


Initiate market oriented coir product development


Branding of various coir products


Develop marketing and trading networks in a global canvas through tie- ups with other national /international institutions.


Develop a very robust and efficient supply chain right from the procurement related functions to manufacturing and marketing.

Other Activities


NCRMI conducted Awareness Creation Class for three days to Coir Project Officers on “Coir Geotextiles & its Civil Engineering Application”.


NCRMI also conducted Awareness Creation Class for two days to Coir Inspectors on “Varieties of Coir Yarn and its end uses”

National Coir Research & Management Institute (NCRMI)
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