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Defibering Machine

Defibering  Machine Developed by NCRMI

The NATIONAL COIR RESEARCH and MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (NCRMI), Thiruvananthapuram - 695 043, has designed and developed a machine to extract the fibres from coconut husks.  Basically this machine comprises of a Rotor Unit operating inside a horizontal, cylindrical Shell.  The whole system is supported on a steel chassis frame.  The Rotor Unit is designed to receive the motive power from an electric motor or an internal combustion engine.  The NCRMI Fibre Extraction Machine has an input hopper fitted to the Shell, where the fresh husks are fed.  The specially designed rotor, fitted with appropriately contoured tynes, delivers repeated impacts to the husks by hurtling them against a geometrically designed cage.  This action separates the Fibres and the Pith from the Husks.  The profile and the orientation of the Tynes create a combined rotational and axial air current, which carries the full‑length Fibres towards the exit‑end; the Pith and the Baby Fibres are expelled through the ports provided at the bottom surface of the Shell.  The exit‑end of the Shell carries the Outlet.  The Outlet is of a singular section‑profile, which is a geometric combination of a helical chute and a tubular port.  The machine has certain distinctive and innovative features that are conceived, designed and engineered for a high‑quality yield, an enhanced overall productivity and energy efficiency.


  1. Flexible coupling of Rotor with the Motor shaft
  2. Profiled Inlet that ensures

    2.1. Safe feeding of husk
    2.2. Ergonomic stance of the operator
    2.3. Smooth sliding of husk into the machine shell
    2.4. Maximum momentum to husks

  3.  Horizontally split Cage, with a user-friendly, removable top shell
  4. A totally enclosed configuration of the Shell provides channelled output of Long Fibres, regulated outflow of pith & baby‑fibres, and generally a cleaner environment
  5. Balanced rotating elements result in vibration‑free operation, and foundation‑free placement of the machine on the production shop floor.

National Coir Research & Management Institute (NCRMI)
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